Gifts Unwrapped

Exhibition on display from April 17, 2021 until 5 March 2023 in Het Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam.

All over the world we give gifts! At a birthday party, a wedding, funeral or as a sacrifice. But what’s the secret to a good gift? “Gifts Unwrapped” takes a deep dive into the art of giving and receiving gifts around the world.

In Japan, a lot of attention is paid to gift wrapping. The more layers the better. The exhibition features the enormous, instagrammable installation of furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) that you can step into, so you become the gift yourself!

Especially for this exhibition, the Tropenmuseum developed a custom-made item together with Musubi, the Japanese producer of these wrapping cloths. This furoshiki is also for sale in the gift-minded museum shop of the Tropenmuseum and online at Dutch Museum Gift Shop.




Tropenmuseum AmsterdamCadeau, Hoezo? From April 17, 2021 until 5 maart 2023 in Het Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam
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All over the world we give gifts! At a birthday party, a wedding, funeral or as a sacrifice. But what’s the secret to a good gift? Receiving, but also giving, gifts is thrilling, sometimes exciting and often festive. But what do you do if you don’t like the gift, not big enough or even ugly? Can you say that, or is it inappropriate? The Dutch sometimes even ask for the receipt, but do they actually do that in Japan or Thailand, for example?

“Gifts Unwrapped” (Cadeau, Hoezo?) is an exuberant and interactive exhibition in the Tropenmuseum where you discover what a wedding dress, dolls and mangoes have in common. In the exhibition you will receive useful tips about giving and receiving worldwide. There are many differences, many similarities, and above all, there is a lot of variation! Get wrapped up in “Gifts Unwrapped”!

Inspired by the exhibition? Now get creative with your own furoshiki from the museum shop collection, authentically designed in Japan as a gift for you. Designed exclusively by Musubi for het Tropenmuseum, furoshiki allows you to beautifully wrap gifts for your loved ones, as well as objects from your own house. Use it for everything, from wrapping your lunch box or water bottle to creating your own fashionable bag with the matching rings and magnetic closure. Get inspired by the Furoshiki Handbook for even more creative ideas! A perfect gift for creative people and/or lovers of Japan.

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