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Drentse Parels is an inspiration guide for special moments. Drenthe has always been a province with a lot of beautiful things to see and experience. In addition to the beautiful landscape, the National Parks and major attractions, Drenthe is home to many special gems that are not in the regular travel guides and that you could easily miss. With this book you can enjoy all the beauty that this province has to offer even more. With tips that make a visit extra special.

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Because how do you find that tea house in the woods, that idyllic picking garden, that special shop with handmade gadgets if you are unknown somewhere? And where can you do something cool, sail in a sloop or drive a convertible? Drentse Parels points out surprising and original places.

150 tips divided into clear chapters with clear maps. Categories:

  • Adventure and activities: do you want to be active, alone or with a group, young and old, Drentse Pearls offers you ideas.
  • Adventurous travel: spend the night in the middle of nature, or tour with a vintage van, it is possible in Drenthe.
  • Camping: Drentse Parels points you to original and hospitable campsites with special accommodations. Sleeping in a tree house, tiny house, sod hut, retro caravan.
  • Sleeping and eating: atmospheric b&b’s and hotels, great restaurants.
  • Coffee, tea and lemonade etc: idyllic tea gardens with homemade delicacies, lemonade makers, beer brewers, ice cream makers and a beekeeper.
  • Drenthe vineyards where you can taste wine, sometimes also sleep and enjoy a walk.
  • So delicious: the most delicious croquettes, a chocolate shop, a cooking studio, a pancake professor, a cannery, it’s too much to mention.
  • Straight from the land: picking gardens, farmers selling their fresh harvest, edible gardens, a farmer’s wife making a lawyer…
  • Drenthe asparagus fresh from the country
  • Sheepfolds where you can experience something.
  • Beautiful crafts and special shops
  • Art and artsy

The book Drentse Parels, brimming with unique ideas, tempts you to come to Drenthe, because there is much to discover. For young and old!

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May 2021


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