Aztecs has opened at Museum Volkenkunde

Friday 6 of August was a big day. After a lockdown-induced delay, the exhibition Aztecs – The people behind the myth has now finally opened at Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden!

Book your timeslot and encounter an array of stunning artefacts from this ancient civilization. Get face-to-face with life-sized warriors carved from stone, mythical human-animal figures, fascinating drawings and a full-size 3D print of the calendar stone. Aztecs will introduce you to kings, warriors and gods, but also to the deaily life of Aztec people. You will learn about their education, their trades and their customs – not only as they pertain to the past, but also in relation to way they persist in the culture of modern-day Mexicans of Indigenous ancestry.

Special detail: due to a unique collaboration between European museums with the Museo Nacional de Antropología in México and leading Mexican archeologists, many items on display at the exhibition will be shown outside of México for the very first time. A truly unique experience for young and old alike!

Due to pandemic-related restrictions, the opening of Aztecs was held online through a digital movie screening. The twelve-minute (Dutch) video inculdes a speech by museum director Wayne Modest, an opening ceremony, traditional dance and an impression of the exhibition, presented by its curators.

Forgot to buy the catalogue during your museum visit, or don’t have time to visit the exhibition itself? No problem! At our museum shop, you can exclusively shop a part of Aztecs‘ shop collection online.

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