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6 brand new Dutch exhibitions to visit in October

Fall is approaching, and for Dutch museums, that means there are a lot of new exhibitions coming up! At Dutch Museum Gift Shop, we have rounded up a list of brand new exhibitions, all set to open in early fall 2021. Get ready to infuse your October days with a dose of arts and culture!

DEMOCRACY: Duran Lantink x Theater LeBelle | Museum of the Mind

Located in the same building as Hermitage Amsterdam, the Musuem of the Mind aims to provide an exhibition space for outsider artists: those who did not receive a formal training in art or design. The new exhibition DEMOCRACY, set to open on September 24, is an eclectic mix of fashion, film, streetwear and a dance performance by the disabled members of theater collective LeBelle. Located in the same building as Hermitage Amsterdam, your visit to the Museum of the Mind can easily be combined with one to Tsars and Knights.

DEMOCRACY will be on view from 24 September 2021 to 6 June 2022.

Learn more and book your tickets here.

Willem van de Velde, father and son | National Maritime Museum

Dive into the world of seventeenth-century Dutch marine art with this new retrospective at the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam, one of the biggest new exhibitions to open in Fall 2021. The eponymous studio of this father and son, both named Willem van de Velde, were at the absolute forefront of maritime drawing and painting of this time. Father Van de Velde excelled at creating beautiful pen drawings, while his son devoted himself to colourful oil paintings. These two bodies of work can now be admired together for the first time, together with the highlight of this exhibition: two momunental British tapestries designed by Willem van de Velde the Elder. The catalogue accompanying this exhibition can already be pre-ordered.

Willem van de Velde, father and son will be on view from 1 October 2021 to 27 March 2022.

Learn more and book your tickets here.

Remember me | Rijksmuseum

This fascinating new exhibition at the Rijksmuseum shows more than 100 Renaissance portraits together – from Albrecht Dürer to Sofonisba Anguissola. As a genre, portraiture began to emerge in Europe around the beginning of the fifteenth century, flourishing in the centuries that came after. Although the style and composition of these paintings is different than our selfies from our (post)modern age, these portraits pose questions that are still deeply relevant today. Who am I, and how would I like to be remembered?

Remember me will be on view from 1 October 2021 to 16 January 2022.

Learn more and book your tickets here.

Drummies | Kunsthal Rotterdam

South African photographer Alice Mann captures the young girls and women who compete on the country’s all-female drum majorette teams – colloquially known as “drummies”. A selection of photos from this ongoing project is now on display at Kunsthal Rotterdam. Drummies captures the feelings of confidence, community and belonging that participation in this sport inspires in its young practitioners. All photoos are the result of a playful collaboration between Mann and her subjects, in which the girls guide the photographer on how they wish to be represented.

Drummies will be on view from 2 October 2021 to 23 January 2022.

Learn more and book your tickets here.

All About Theatre About Film | Eye

How do the art forms of theatre and film inspire and influence each other – and where do we darw the boundary between the two? Those are the questions at the heart of the new exhibition All About Theatre About Film at eye. Stage director Ivo van Hove and scenographer Jan Versweyveld have created and curated an exhibition in which film, live video and music merge into one. The exhibition draws on the plays that the curators duo has worked on together in the past, which are in turn inspired by great classic movies from directors such as Marguerite Duras, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Ingmar Bergman. The latest edition of Kunstschrift features a large interview with both artists, in which they delve deeper into the creation of this exhibition.

All About Theatre About Film will be on view from 3 October 2021 to 9 January 2022.

Learn more and book your tickets here.

Viva la Frida! | Drents Museum

This staggeringly colourful and captivating exhibition is well worth a trip up North. Viva la Frida! dives deep into the life and art of the famed Frida Kahlo: from her legacy through her visual work to a range of biographical objects and jewellery that once belonged to the artist herself. Lovers of Frida can already prepare themselves for the exhibition through pre-ordering the gorgeous catalogue or reading the artist’s diary. While most of the museum’s space will be devoted to Viva la Frida!, an exhibition devoted to contemporary Russian artist Kristina Schuldt will open at the same date. If you love Frida, you will love Kristina’s fluid and playful work too!

Viva la Frida! will be on view from 8 October 2021 to 27 March 2022.

Learn more and book your tickets here.

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